Selected participations

"La Biennale di Venezia"
51st International Art Exhibition, Russian pavilion /Venice, Italy/;
2nd "KunstFilmBiennalle"

/Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany; Istambul Modern Museum,Istambul,Turkey;
KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany/;
17th Rencontres Internationales Paris|Berlin|Madrid
/Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France/;
12th Biennial of Moving Images
/Centre pour l'image Contemporaine, Geneva, Switzerland/;
1st Moscow Biennale, "Human project"

/CHA, Moscow, Russia/;
/The Benois Wing, National Russian Museum,St.-Petersburg/;
/Kunsthalle Basel and Museum fuer Gegenwartkunst Basel, Basel, Switzerland/;
/The Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia/;
The 4th International Video Art Biennial "VideoZone-4"
/Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel/;
1st The young artist's biennial
/Bucharest, Rumania/;
/National centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia;
Nizhny Novgorod State Museum of Fine arts, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia/;
"Contemporary art in traditional museum"
ProArte /The Museum of Theatrical and Musical Arts, St Petersburg, Russia/;
"History of Russian Video Art - Volume 1"
/The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia/;
"Do it!" Russian Art Now
/gallery MAK, Vienna, Austria/;
"Video dia Loghi"
/Centre Culturel Francais Torino, Turin, Italy/;
"Unruhig" Personal exhibition (video installations)
/Gallery ArtPoint, Vienna, Austria/;
"Debates&Credits - Media Art in the Public Domain"(next 5 minutes)
/Centre for Politics and Culture "Be Bali",Amsterdam, The Netherlands/;
1st International Ate Video Exhibition /Gallery "Phatspace", Sydney, Australia/;
"Entr'acte" Athens International Art Fair
/Athens, Greece/;
"Ein Zentrum in der peripherie"
Internationale Projekt fur Videokunst und experimentelle Dokumentationen
/gallery "Peripherie", Tubingen, Germany/;
12th Annual International festival of experimental film and video
Video installation /Windsor, Canada/;
International video and short films festival
/National Museum, Szczecin, Poland; Berlin, Germany/;
"Sliding and Giddiness"
/National centre of Contemporary Art, Arsenal Museum, N. Novgorod, Russia/;
"Medi@terra 04"
International Art and Technology Festival /Athens, Greece/;
/Arsenal, N. Novgorod, Russia/;
6th International Digital Art Exhibit and Colloquium
/Habana, Cuba/;
"BREAK 2.2"
7th International festival of young emerging artists /Ljubljana, Slovenia/;
2nd International multimedia art festival
/Yerevan, Armenia/;

International festival of photography /N. Novgorod,Russia/;
"New collection"
/National centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia/;
"Art Moscow 2006"
International Art Fair /Moscow, Russia/;
/National centre of Contemporary Art, Arsenal, N. Novgorod, Russia/;
“Fashion and style in a photo”
International photo festival /Small Manez, Moscow, Russia/;
"WRO 01"
9th International Media Art Biennale /Wroclaw, Poland/;
"Art Moscow 2001"
International Art Fair /Moscow, Russia/;
Exhibition /C.Y.P.R.E.S, Marseille and Avinion,France/;
"Art manezh 2000"
International Art Fair /Moscow, Russia/;
Personal exhibition (video,installation,graphic,artbook,object)
/TV-gallery, Moscow, Russia/;
Exhibition of intellectual book /CHA, Moscow, Russia/;
Personal exhibition (video,graphic,artbook,sound)
/”Basis Wien”, Vienna, Austria/;
/Tiroler landes museum, Insbruck, Austria/