Theatrical projects


"homo sacra res homini"/"a man to a man is sacred"
live (theatrical) performance

Idea and staging: artgroup PROVMYZA (Galina Myznikova and Sergey Provorov)
Designer: artgroup PROVMYZA
Support: GARAGE center for contemporary culture;
Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center;
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Images from the outside have an impact on the image which I call my body:
they transmit motion to it. I also see how my body influences these external images:
it returns motion to them. And thus, my body in the material world is an image
which functions like all the other images, receiving and returning motion; perhaps
with one difference – a body is obviously able to choose, to a certain extent,
a way in which it returns what was received.
Truth be told, movements of one’s own body or even its stay in one place cannot
be expressed, imagined or felt without relating it to certain points, lines,
surfaces, volumes, distances, inscribed into space and inherent to own self.
Inhabitation itself takes place on the border between residential and geometric
space. Here, it is realized with an act of destruction through a man's corporeity
bereft of the spirit.
My inanimate body recalls behavioral models of the outside world which are
reflectively imprinted in memory of the body, precisely Destruction and Disintegration.
This initial state of the problem gives particular significance to the statement
of Aristotle that “memory is connected to time”, when a body becomes a matter
which is halfway between a “thing in itself” and “vision of the modern world”.


Winner of INNOVATION Prize 2012
of the VIII All-Russian Contemporary Visual Art Competition
in “Work of Visual Art” nomination
/Moscow, Russia/

Idea and staging: artgroup PROVMYZA (Galina Myznikova and Sergey Provorov)
Music: Mark Buloshnikov, Kirill Shirokov
Libretto: Anton Shramenko
Designer: artgroup PROVMYZA
Producer: Anna Gor
Curator: Ksenia Anufrieva
Support: National Center for Contemporary Arts /Volga region branch/
NoName ensamble

The running time of one hour and thirty minutes turns into eternity.
In the direct meaning of the word. ‘Ordinary and traditional’ -
everything differs from what can be
viewed here, nothing is lifelike, but everything is … deathlike.
The ‘like – dislike’ categories are not relevant here.
And THERE they simply do not exist.

/“Afisha” Online Magazine/